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Tips for Instructing Online Courses

By Brennah McKee-Dallaire | May 15, 2020

Tips for Instructing Online Courses Many instructors of career schools are now finding themselves conducting classes online. For many, this is a new adventure that comes with both challenges and excitement as they plan and present their curriculum online. My experience as a medical assisting instructor and curriculum director for a fully online program has […]

Flexibility and Perseverance During COVID-19

By Brennah McKee-Dallaire | April 23, 2020

COVID-19 changed almost everything in our world, and that was certainly true at NIMAA as well. Our students, externship sites, and instructors all had to make adjustments to how they learned, interacted, and taught. NIMAA takes place both online and in a clinic setting, and both of those components come together to provide a blended […]

5 Tips to Online Learning

By Brennah McKee-Dallaire | April 17, 2020

Since NIMAA was founded, our innovative model has had students learn in their clinics and online. Our instructors have seen it all, and they know a lot about what can contribute to a student’s success when learning online. Now that schools across the country are turning to online instruction, we have 5 tips to share […]

Medical Assistants are taking on COVID-19

By Brennah McKee-Dallaire | April 8, 2020

By Elena Thomas-Faulkner, CEO of NIMAA You’ve likely seen one of those social media posts with health care staff peering over a mask as they hold up a motivational sign.  Every time I see one of those pictures I think about the medical assistant and the critical role they are playing in our response to the […]