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Immunizations course for Medical Assistants

Level Up Your Medical Assistants with UpSkill NIMAA

UpSkill NIMAA provides practicing Medical Assistants with next level-training and expertise to excel in high-performing primary care teams.

Participants learn at their own pace through an online platform that is user-friendly, secure and HIPAA Compliant. Participants can enroll in scheduled cohorts with a course facilitator or take the course on-demand for more flexibility.

Coursework includes quizzes, video lessons and written material developed by experts in the field.  Course facilitators are are subject matter experts who engage participants in critical thinking throughout the course.  Participants can also engage with peers who are simultaneously enrolled in the same course.

How Will Upskill NIMAA benefit my health center?

Your Medical Assistants will...

  • Enhance their ability to function as fully integrated members of high-performing care teams
  • Strengthen essential interpersonal skills in a clinical environment
  • Enhance their ability to work at the top of their MA certification

UpSkill NIMAA Courses

There are currently seven courses offered by UpSkill NIMAA that can be taken separately or in a recommended sequence. Participants earn a certificate of completion by demonstrating mastery of each course’s key objectives.

The courses are:

*Colorado Residents: Available for organizational/business purchase only

UpSkill courses are not accredited by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES).

Cohort-Style vs. Self-Paced Course Comparison

Course Type Cohort-Style Self-Paced
Fixed start and end date
Register at any time; receive login within 24 business hours of registration
Good for
  • Learners who prefer to have a facilitator in the course
  • Groups of staff from the same clinic
  • Learners who are interested in collaboration
  • Individual participants
  • Learners who are interested in flexibility
Time to Complete
  • One week per session + extra “flex” week at end.
  • One session is released per week, so participants can learn and apply content each week of the course
  • One week per session + extra “flex” week at end.
  • All sessions available from day one, so participants can complete the course at their own pace.
  • An assigned facilitator that is a subject matter expert who engages participants in critical thinking throughout the course
  • Peers who have registered for the course at the same time
  • A discussion forum for participants to interact and discuss course materials with peers and their facilitator
  • Downloadable course collateral
  • Dedicated in-house technical support
  • Includes a discussion forum to reflect on the content learned in each session
  • Downloadable course collateral
  • Dedicated in-house technical support

Frequently Asked Questions About UpSkill NIMAA