Hear from Alumni

Testimonials from Alumni


"The NIMAA team has been truly amazing! From learning Team-based Care, Health Coaching, Panel Management and more to working with so many people who are willing to teach you and care about who you are.

Before NIMAA, I thought I knew exactly what I wanted but learning and going though NIMAA I realized there’s so much more I can do."


"I was approached with the question “Nabil have you ever considered becoming a medical assistant?” Before NIMAA, I was working at CHC as a Patient Service Associate. I thought about going back to school every single day, but dismissed the idea when I contemplated everything that was going on in my life. Working full time at a very demanding organization, being a full time single mother, entertaining the possibility of going back to my second job to make ends meet, when would I ever have the time to go back to school, yet alone afford it? NIMAA has been such a monumental accomplishment in my life and in knowing that the experience was a huge success has been an honor.

NIMAA has opened so many doors of opportunities for me to grow."


"Before I started NIMAA, I was a full-time high school student working part-time at McDonalds. Ever since I was a little girl I was always dreaming of becoming a nurse or even a doctor. My time in the NIMAA program helped me out a lot. I loved it because it was mostly hands on and that was very helpful.

My overall goal is to be a registered nurse, so being a medical assistant will help out a lot. NIMAA helped me a lot. It allowed me to strengthen my communication skills and my customer service. I will forever be thankful for this wonderful experience."


"I joined NIMAA because I wanted something better for myself. When I heard about NIMAA, I decided to be part of something big and new. The medical field was always my passion and my dream is of becoming a nurse one day. NIMAA was a dream come true."


"Before starting NIMAA, I was working as a certified nursing assistant. I joined NIMAA because I'm a strong believer in continuing my education. Healthcare is my passion. Medical assisting has been another goal that I wanted to crush in my career goals. My favorite memory in the program was the connections we made even across the states. My favorite part of the program is the hands on. I enjoyed every step of the way.

I'm thankful for the opportunity of meeting such a great health care team and doing what I love, healthcare."


"NIMMA has truly taught me so much and has truly helped me grow as a person. It has especially taught me that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. I have met so many wonderful people thanks to this program.

I have always loved helping others and thanks to everything I have learned throughout this program I am now able to help others more than ever. NIMAA has encouraged me to believe in myself and has provided me with such a great start and I can't wait to see what lies ahead in my future."