Top 8 Tips for Virtual Interviews

As an innovative online program, The National Institute for Medical Assistant Advancement (NIMAA) has always prepared our students to interview professionally, both virtually and in-person. Because video interviews are nothing new for NIMAA students, we thought we would share some of or admission team’s  top tips for a successful and professional video interview.

1.     Plan ahead:

Plan which equipment you are going to use. For example computer, tablet or smart phone. Try to use a computer over a tablet or phone when possible. This will help avoid unflattering angles and distracting movements. Additionally, make sure your device, webcam, and microphone are working before your interview by doing a test call with a friend or family member. This will ensure that all of the planned interview time is spent on the interview- not on working through technical issues.

2.     Research the organization and prepare questions of your own:

This time is not just to see if you are a good fit for the organization/school, but to see if the organization/school is a good fit for you.

3.    Dress professionally:

Even though your interviewer cannot see your entire outfit, dressing professionally will put you into the right mindset for your interview and give you confidence when answering questions.

4.    Consider your background:

Try to have a clean, simple background. Many video conference programs offer virtual backgrounds, so try to test one in advance if you do not have an ideal background in your home.

5.    Limit distractions:

Conduct your interview in a closed room with minimal distractions. This means there should ideally be no other people or pets in the room with you. Turn off phone and computer notifications so that you can give your full attention to the interview.

6.    Have your resume/CV in front of you:

Your interviewer will be asking you questions about your professional background and achievements. You can use your resume/CV to quickly reference and share your successes.

7.    Arrive early, just like you would for an in-person interview:

Arriving early will show that you value your interviewer’s time.

8.    Submit a follow-up email:

Sending an email to thank your interviewer and encouraging them to reach out with any further questions shows your continued interest in the position and that you value the interviewer’s time.  It will also help your interviewer to remember you.

By preparing for a virtual interview in a similar fashion that you would for an in-person interview, you can impress your interviewer with your professional skills and confidence. Click here to learn more about how NIMAA prepares students for success, both online and through hands-on experiences!