Why Medical Assisting?

Health Centers Need MAs

Employment of MAs is projected to grow
much faster than average growth for all jobs.

In the past, patients came to a primary care clinic and just saw a physician and maybe a nurse. However, the U.S. is experiencing a significant shortage of primary care providers. To meet the current needs of our population, a physician without a team would have to work 18 hours a day.

As a result, primary care organizations are moving from a physician-centered practice to having teams that share responsibility for patient care. Medical assistants are a huge part of this solution.

What do MAs do?

Medical assistants are a vital member of the health care team. They are often the first person that a patient sees during their appointment. Much of what the MA does is make sure a patient's visit is as smooth and valuable to the patient as possible.


  • Create pre-plans for the patient visit
  • Keep exam rooms ready
  • Room patients
  • Pull and record data in EHRs
  • Perform clinical tests & procedures
  • Educate & motivate patients to maintain and improve their health
  • Improve patient outcomes with population health management tools
  • And more!

NIMAA graduates are equipped with the education, skills, and training they need to be an essential part of the modern health care team.