Externship Organizations

Where Theory Becomes Practice

NIMAA offers an innovative, distance-based learning experience to prepare medical assistants to work in high-performing, team-based, primary care settings. Our students’ extensive externship experience begins on day one of a student’s educational journey—which is where you and your organization come in.

When your organization becomes a NIMAA externship partner, we will work together to create an excellent workforce pipeline for a more diverse allied healthcare team in your community.

Upon graduation, NIMAA students know their externship organization’s mission, culture, and workflow and are prepared to hit the ground running as effective care team members within the organization.

Why be an Externship Organization?

Develop a high-quality workforce pipeline

Your health center will be cultivating a grow-your-own workforce pipeline. With today’s growing emphasis on team-based care and holistic care, the role of the medical assistant is expanding and increasing in importance. NIMAA graduates are prepared to serve as highly effective healthcare team members.

Strengthen ties with the community

Your health center will be providing access to an affordable education & training resource in your community. NIMAA opens a training door to healthcare careers for those who live in underserved areas, providing opportunities for living wages and future advancement.

Increase staff satisfaction & retention

Your health center will be investing time and energy into fostering a highly qualified workforce. Throughout the program, NIMAA graduates and their preceptors work closely on being productive, engaged team members. Team members feel more valued when employers demonstrate an investment in professional development and growth.

Shift burden away from re-training

Your health center will be orienting students to your mission and culture from Day 1 of their externship placement. This will eliminate the need for retraining upon hire, as NIMAA graduates who become your employees will have honed their skills and expertise in the model designed for your practice environment.

Interested in becoming an externship organization?

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