Where Theory Becomes Practice

 NIMAA is actively engaging with health centers interested in participating in the Spring 2022 cohort!

Join a 1-hour session for an overview of the NIMAA program and steps to become an externship site for Medical Assistant students.

Note: Signed externship agreements are due July 31, 2021 and it typically takes partners 2-3 months to complete the steps leading to a signed agreement.

  • Monday sessions are being held at 9 AM MT/11AM ET every Monday from now through June 21. | Click here to register
  • Thursday sessions are being held at 2:30PM MT/4:30PM ET every other Thursday from now through July 1. | Click here to register

Externship organizations provide NIMAA students the in-clinic experience needed to succeed at high-performing team-based care primary health care centers.

Externship organizations often find that the NIMAA students who trained with them make great, long-lasting employees who are ready to work to their standard immediately. As it becomes more challenging to hire medical assistants trained to work in primary care, NIMAA is training MAs to become essential members of the modern health care team.

Our externship organizations have a commitment to NIMAA's dual mission: to ensure a well-trained workforce and to expand health care career opportunities for students. We partner with sites that demonstrate an executed model of care with MAs as essential members of the person-centered medical home team, and that have strong support from senior leadership.

Why be an Externship Organization?

Access a pipeline to great employees

NIMAA MAs graduate prepared to serve as active members of the health care team. With today’s growing emphasis on team-based care and holistic treatment, the role of the medical assistant is expanding and increasing in importance. NIMAA removes much of the burden of post-hire training.

Shape your workforce to your needs

As a partnership between primary care employers and educators, NIMAA ensures MAs have essential critical thinking, population management, patient panel management, patient education and health counseling skills. Externship organizations shape the in-clinic training of their students to meet their needs.

Increase staff satisfaction & retention

When employers demonstrate they are willing to invest in staff, employee satisfaction increases. NIMAA graduates as well as higher-level staff who participate in the program as instructors or mentors show greater satisfaction in their work.

Strengthen ties with the community

Your health center will become a partner in providing access to an affordable education & training resource in your community. NIMAA opens a training door to health care careers for residents of underserved areas, providing opportunities for living wages & future advancement.

Interested in becoming an externship organization?

If you are a health center interested in fostering new medical assistants trained to your standards & ready to meet the needs of your patients, contact us today!