UpSkill NIMAA: Immunizations for New Vaccinators

New Course for Medical Assistants: Immunizations for New Vaccinators

Prepare your organization's MAs with the 24 hours of didactic education required to administer immunizations!

UpSkill NIMAA's Immunizations for New Vaccinators course is a 24-hour full-distance delivery course delivered asynchronously - giving Medical Assistants the flexibility to participate from work or home at their own pace!

By the end of this course, Medical Assistants will be able to:

 Compare and contrast standing orders versus delegated orders for vaccination

 List tools and supplies required to support proper vaccination

 Describe the Medical Assistant and provider scope of practice and roles in relation to vaccine administration

 Describe the importance of proper vaccine storage

 List the different types of federal and state reporting requirements for vaccine administration

 List strategies for educating patients about the importance of vaccines

 Chart and coordinate routine vaccination schedules

 Chart and coordinate the administration of catch-up schedules

 Demonstrate the steps required for safely administering both Intramuscular and sub-cutaneous immunizations to all age groups

Research shows MAs are trusted messengers around vaccines

Add your MAs as part of your organization's strategy to improve vaccine acceptance and foster a culture of immunization

*Effective October 1, clinical Medical Assistants in Connecticut will be eligible to administer vaccinations once they complete at least 24 hours of formal classroom training and at least 8 hours of clinical training in an office, clinic, or health system.

UpSkill NIMAA: Immunizations for New Vaccinators fulfills the State of Connecticut's 24-hour formal classroom training requirement for new Medical Assistant vaccinators. In addition to the classroom training, Medical Assistants will also need to complete 8 hours of clinical training to be fully eligible to administer immunizations. A guide for the classroom training is available as part of this course.

This course is not included in NIMAA's grant of accreditation from the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools.